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Our generation has invested as never before in digital resources and we've done so because of the opportunity they bring. They have grown in volume, complexity and importance to the point that our children are baffled by the inefficiencies of the analogue age. Pervasive, fluid and fragile: digital data is a defining feature of our age. Industry, commerce, government, law, research, health, social care, education, the creative industries, the heritage sector and private life depend on digital materials to satisfy ubiquitous information needs and expectations. Digital preservation is an issue which all organisations, particularly in the knowledge sector, will need to address sooner or later. Digital preservation means long term access, and long term access means long term opportunity

There are also external drivers which contribute to the increasing relevance and importance of digital preservation. In the research area, for example, grant funding bodies are beginning to impose conditions which require ongoing access to, and sustainability of, digital assets created through their funding programmes. There are also legal drivers which impact on the management of digital material e.g. Freedom of Information, Data Protection Act.


What does the DPC do?

Through investment and active participation, members and allies ensure the strength and direction of the Coalition and achievement of its goals. Members and allies are typically investing significant resources in creating and disseminating digital information, digital archiving and curation, or in developing software and hardware products. There has a been a strong desire that the challenges of digital preservation should be addressed collaboratively and strategically, and prospective Coalition members have expressed their desire to provide funding for establishing the Coalition and begin addressing its mission and the common benefits it provides.

Our strategic objectives are to support members in building:

  • A political and institutional climate responsive to the need for digital preservation - read more about our advocacy work...
  • Competent and responsive workforces ready to address the challenges of digital preservation - read more about our training and Leadership Programme...
  • Better tools, smarter processes and enhanced capacity in digital preservation - read more about our projects and direct support for members...
  • Closer and more productive collaboration within and beyond the Coalition - read more about how we support collaboration...

These objectives are realised in our current  DPC Prospectus 2017-2018


Which class of membership is right for you?

Organisations may be affiliated with the DPC in one of four ways:

Full Members

are able to set the direction of the coalition by appointing a representative to the board and are invited to develop a shared workplan with the coalition. Their staff and officers participate in all Coalition activities and have privileged access to Coalition publications. 

Apply for Full membership.


Associate Members

have full voting rights at the DPC Annual General Meeting and their staff and officers are invited to participate in all Coalition activities and have privileged access to publications.  

Apply for Associate membership.

Allied Organisations / Honorary Personal Membership

are partners and friends who for one reason or another cannot take normal route to membership.  They collaborate with the Coalition on specific activities and goals and participate by invitation.  They include DPC-alike organisations operating on other domains, or consultants who work with the Coalition to promote solutions and standards.

Find out more.

Commercial Supporters

We don't accept membership applications from commercial entities who sell digital preservation solutions, such as sofware companies or storage providers.  That's because we want to ensure our advice and recommendations are 'vendor neutral'.  But we recognise that our members are best served by a thriving market place for digital preservation solutions and that this best served where we can help our members keep in touch with vendors, where the DPC articulates and collates requirements for the community, and vendors can develop longer term relationships with our members. So we have an open invitation to commercial supporters help expand the work of the coalition.

Find out more and apply for Supporter Status.



How to make it happen ...

  1. Read our prospectus and find out about different kinds of membership
  2. Contact us so we can discuss it
  3. Download the Membership Application Form or Supporter Application Form
  4. Complete and sign the form
  5. Send your form so the Board can approve it.
  6. That's it!

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