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What exactly did I get up to last year?

Another year flies by very quickly. Happy 2018! Always a useful time to sit back and think about what was achieved last year. So I started off the year with an ambitious list of things that I wanted to achieve (note to self - *never* do that again!) As usual I had a mixture of successes and setbacks. All of this helps contribute to both my own understanding about how to work effectively in digital preservation and hopefully the shared understanding of the wider community. Though I...

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DPC Webinar - 'Using Big Data Techniques For Searching Digital Archives' with Janet Delve and Sven Schlarb

Members please login to watch webinar recording The webinar provides a short overview of the E-ARK project, a quick round up of key Big Data terms, followed by an exploration of the Big Data techniques and architecture (Hadoop, Solr etc.) used by the project: including faceted searches and Named Entity Recognition.

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Quantitative File Formats for Preservation

Last month I emailed William Kilbride at DPC with a query about file formats for quantitative data for long term preservation and, as a result of that email and the ensuing conversation, I appear to have agreed to write a blog post about the topic. Here is that blog post.

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OA > data > code : a conversation

{jcomments on} This blog post is derived from a series of emails between Jez Cope, Research Data Manager at the University of Sheffield, and Martin Donnelly of the Digital Curation Centre (DCC), University of Edinburgh, in early January 2017. MD – From Open Access (OA) publications to research data management (RDM), over the past decade or so scholars and researchers – as well as the people who support them, such as librarians and IT professionals – have had to get used to constantly...

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Jisc Research Data Spring Long Term Preservation Analysis and Recommendations

The DPC examined the challenges addressed, and results of, the second phase of the Jisc Research Data Spring projects. It provided recommendations on how the work can be enhanced from a digital preservation perspective prior to the projects continuing on towards a third and final development phase in early 2016. Visit the Jisc Research Data Spring Long Term Preservation Analysis and Recommendations wiki for more information.

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Preserving Transactional Data

Speakers' Presentations Sara Day Thomson, DPC - Key Note: ‘Preserving Transactional Data: a Technology Watch report’ Aidan Condron, UKDA - Case Study: 'Energy Demand Research Project: Smart Reader Trials 2007-2010' Sarah Sheppard, UCL - Case Study: 'The Consumer Data Research Centre and its Data Service' William Kilbride, DPC - 'Broad Strokes and Emerging Trends: a reflection on preservation approaches and big data' Stefan Schweers, GESIS - Case Study: 'Conceptualising a Spatial...

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Standing on the Digits of Giants - resarch data, preservation and innovation

The DPC is pleased to announce an upcoming seminar produced in collaboration with the Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers. “Standing on the Digits of Giants” is a seminar that will examine emerging trends in scholarly communication from the perspective of the publication and long-term access to the scholarly record. This includes outputs not traditionally included within the primary scientific canon such as metadata, software and research data. This is a full day event...

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Filling the Digital Preservation Gap Webinar

Members please login to watch the webinar recording In the Jisc funded "Filling the Digital Preservation Gap" project, teams at the Universities of Hull and York are looking at how to incorporate digital preservation into their workflows for research data management. The project is looking specifically at Archivematica, an open source digital preservation solution. Whilst the project focuses on a particular use case (research data management) the project team also have other use cases in...

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'Open Data' Briefing Day

Introduction In the Open Data White Paper of June 2012, the Rt. Hon Francis Maude describes data as ‘the 21st Century’s new raw material.’ Truly, data is changing the way we live and work, evidenced by the rise of online information exchange and a move towards digitizing many of our previously manual activities and transactions, and especially, with the launch of open-data government initiatives such as and The UK is leading the charge in a global movement towards...

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The Alliance for Permanent Access - PARSE.Insight project

PARSE.Insight was a two-year project co-funded by the European Union under the Seventh Framework Programme. It was concerned with the preservation of digital information in science, from primary data through analysis to the final publications resulting from the research. The problem is how to safeguard this valuable digital material over time, to ensure that it is accessible, usable and understandable in future. The rapid pace of change in information technology threatens media, file formats...

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