27 May 2018



Fixed Term

Parliamentary records are at the heart of our democracy. They have embodied our liberties, rights and responsibilities for over five hundred years. The Parliamentary Archives helps Parliament work more efficiently and openly, enabling it to make its decisions and act as effectively as possible. And we want to inspire everyone with the compelling story of Parliament, people, and communities’ right up to the present day.

The Archives is a shared service of both Houses of Parliament, based in the House of Lords but jointly funded by the House of Lords and House of Commons. It provides innovative and expert information management, preservation, access and outreach services enabling anyone in the world to use Parliament’s records, both now and in the future. It holds over 8km of physical records dating back to 1497 and its digital repository is now operational and growing rapidly. These records include many of the most important constitutional records in the UK, such as the Bill of Rights, the 1832 Great Reform Act and the Death Warrant of Charles I, as well as four million others which have touched the lives of everyone and every community in this country and many abroad. Its archive repository is largely inside the Victoria Tower, and it has offices, studios, a public searchroom and other facilities adjacent to it in the main body of the Palace south return.

Main Objective

Based in the Public Services & Outreach Team and reporting to the Outreach Archivist, this post is an opportunity for a self-motivated graduate to gain work experience maintaining and developing our archives services in a stimulating environment, prior to taking up a place on a post-graduate archives/records management course.  The post holder would be involved in a wide range of professional work and be provided with good developmental opportunities across the Parliamentary Archives.

The role is offered as a training post and will be on a fixed-term basis running from 1 September 2018 until 31 August 2019, with the intention that this will provide experience for a person wishing to undertake a post-graduate qualification in archives & records management starting in September 2019.  Candidates will be expected to start the application process during the training period.

The role is intended for someone who has no other means of gaining the necessary experience in order to qualify for entry to such a course.  Priority will be given to applicants who have not previously held significant paid employment in archives, and who have no existing postgraduate archives training.  The post is not designed for students already enrolled in full or part-time archives courses, including distance learning courses. 

More information on the role can be found in the vacancy notice.  


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