Doha, Qatar


Purpose of the role:

Oversees the implementation and development of the QNL digital repository and associated platforms to international standards and helps set the direction of digital library collection development and services.


  • Develop, manage, and assesse the Library’s digital collections and web archives in accordance with established standards and best practices
  • In collaboration with the Director of Digital Content and Engagement, work to develop a long term strategy to position QNL to support digital scholarship
  • Plans the development of the digital library, setting priorities and targets and developing workflows to manage the capture, description and preservation of repository content
  • Coordinate gathering requirements from internal and external stakeholders to inform long term planning of digital library platforms and services
  • Plan and implement an open access publishing services
  • Develop programs and training to increase awareness of and engage stakeholders with digital library content
  • Plan and delivers services including drafting policies and procedures, user support and training, conducting user-centered evaluations
  • Work across library departments (heritage collections, digitization) to establish and coordinate best practice in metadata standards
  • Promote the digital content platforms to various communities and maintain the web presence and associated documentation
  • Identify opportunities for enhancing digital content platforms, showcasing content, and engaging new audiences –new technologies, linked data, partnerships
  • Oversee the establishment of data curation and management practices in support of researchers
  • Manage a team of specialists in data curation, user experience design and copyright
  • Liaise with the development team to evaluate new technologies, implement requirements, and improve the functionality of the repository and integration of digital content platforms

Stay current with international developments and best practices in digital libraries, open access and data curation and engage with international partners such as DLF and IIIF.

Apply here:

Or contact Susan Reilly, Diretor, Digital Content & Engagement, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for informal enquiries

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