One week left to nominate at-risk Digital Material to the Bit List

Added on 22 September 2017

With 8 days (just over a week) until the deadline for entries to ‘Bit List’ of Digitally Endangered Species, the Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) is encouraging the digital preservation community around the world to nominate the digital content they feel is most at risk of becoming ‘extinct.’

The last date for entries is Saturday 30th September.

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New preservation tools and tricks from the Dutch Digital Heritage Network

Added on 20 September 2017

Do you work for a heritage institution and are you involved in sustainable access to digital materials? Between 2015 and 2017, the Dutch Heritage Network has delivered a series of digital preservation tools and expertise for use by digital heritage professionals like you!

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Out now: Digital Preservation Coalition unveils new Commercial Supporter program for 2017-2018

Added on 20 September 2017

The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) is delighted to share a full program of events for Commercial Supporters for the next 12 months . The program is filled with opportunities, activities and benefits designed to enable better and more meaningful communication between members and solution providers on ‘neutral’ ground, and in a way that all parties work more closely, effectively and harmoniously.

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Vacancy for Web Archiving Assistant at The National Archives

3 October 2017

Kew, London, UK

£21,595 a year

Two vacancies for Preservation Audio Engineer at the British Library

1 October 2017

London, UK

£26,000 a year


Preservation with PDF/A: DPC publishes new Technology Watch Report

Added on 12 September 2017

The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) and Charles Beagrie Ltd have released the latest in their series of Technology Watch Reports today. Preservation with PDF/A by Betsy A. Fanning, AIIM provides a comprehensive review of the standard and its use, in order to help readers best ensure the integrity of their digital information.

An update to the original Technology Watch Report, Preserving the Data Explosion: Using PDF published in 2008, the report begins with a history of the PDF/A standard and its development, before moving on to an examination of conformance levels, validation methods and considerations to be made when choosing to use PDF/A for long-term preservation.

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